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7 Tips to Secure Mobile Devices w/Sophos

The average user carries 2.9 mobile devices. An online survey found that 85% of respondents carries a smartphone, another 65% said they carry a laptop, and 48% said they use a tablet computer. By country, users in Germany use the highest average number of devices at 3.1, while users in the U.S. said they use 3.0 devices.

Tip #1 - Develop an organization-wide strategy for mobile security.

Tip #2 - Create a comprehensive policy and guidelines for all employees and contractors who use mobile devices in the workplace.

Tip #3 - Establish organizational accountability.

Tip #4 - Launch awareness training for end users.

Tip #5 - Use application control, mobile device management, patching and other controls to prevent hacking and malware infections.
Tip #6 - When possible, use remote wipe, mobile device encryption, and anti-theft technologies to reduce the risk of a data breach.
Tip #7 - Understand emerging privacy issues related to mobile devices.

Employees are often the first, only and best defense against the theft of sensitive data. Click here to read the entire white paper.

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