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Microsoft and the NYPD team up to fight crime using state of the art technology.

Yes, technology rules the world. The New York Police Department is partnering with Microsoft Corporation on technology / hardware that can tell whether someone is carrying weapons by reading the natural radiation emitted by people and inanimate objects.  The hardware module is a large scanner that is able to detect, from a distance, whether people are carrying weapons.

The scanner can sit on a street corner or a truck and detects terahertz radiation. The so-called T-rays pass through clothes, paper, wood and masonry, but not metal. T-ray imagers should work fine in fog.  The image shows the officer’s body glowing bright green, with his gun appearing as a black shape at his side.

The NYPD is still working with lawyers to determine in what situations officers can legally use the terahertz scanner.  The U.S. Department of Defense paid for the prototype scanner, but sources state this is a “multimillion” dollar device.

The next question will be “how” to make this device smaller to increase its mobility and overall effectiveness with limiting their “stop and frisk’ procedures.

Sources:  Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News, NY Times

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