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Contact Centers vs. Call Centers

In the battle between contact centers and call centers, which wins? For your organization, only one can be the champion.  10 points of comparison contrast the benefits each system can offer your organization. We make it simple for you to distill which components form the solution that will help your business succeed with its communication and customer relations strategy. Contact center or call center?

Explore our infographic’s 10 comparison points, including:

*   Management
*   Efficiency
*   Process
*   And much more!

About Ted Hicks

Ted Hicks is a Father, Husband and Son that enjoys writing, talking about information technology from various angles – while applying his own SPIN cycle. There are very few topics that won't be addressed with contributions to CJ Computers Services and an occasional technology podcast. You can expect a witty exchange as we address social media / virtualization & mobility. Be prepared for an open and honest conversation – because that’s what you’re going to receive. Any questions - you can reach me at @RealTedHicks or e-mail me at [email protected]

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