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Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Computer Virus

A computer virus is actually an acronym for “vital information and resources under sustention.”  Computer viruses are designed to infect and damage your computer files and then the affect the operating system.

Similar to biological viruses they tend to spread from one computer to another and infect the programs, files and operating systems. They tend to multiply and then spread out from one kind of file to another file and pass on from one computer to another if they are interconnected.

A computer virus is designed to piggyback on some other kinds of harmless files, programs or documents.  Once they gain access to your PC they execute themselves  and infect it.  Suppose you download some file from the net and run the file.  Working mechanism of the piggyback virus will be automatically trigerred and it starts working rapidly. They have the potential to erase all your data or damage the operating system.

With more and more PC and laptops being available and affordable, viruses have become omnipresent and no one is really safe from virus or malware attack.

The most commonly seen experienced frustration of most PC owners who have a computer virus is an overall slowdown of the operating system and files.

However, if we are very cautious regarding virus, malware and spyware attacks we can avoid all frustration and unnecessary repairs caused by these cyber monsters.

Here a few tips which we can follow to avoid a computer virus:

  1. Enable firewall  protection from your antivirus software and pop up blocker from your browser settings.
  2. Do not share files on Internet chat rooms.
  3. Do not click on pop up ads
  4. Do scan all your email attachments with a proper trustworthy anti virus software before downloading.
  5. Do not download music files from unknown or untrustworthy sites. Many music files have spyware piggybacking on them.  Some sites even openly ask you to  download spyware along with the music files.
  6. Be cautious regarding Instant messaging services. Scan all valid files and photos to be on the safe side.
  7. Some unscruplous website have misleading download boxes and even if you reject any downloads they are still able to install spyware. So, keep your browser settings on default.
  8. Do not install free programs or screenavers  in blind faith.  At least check them out for safety with your antivirus software. Sometimes their seemingly innocent license agreement hides the presence and automatic installation of spyware.
  9. Beware of adult oreinted sites which will have spyware installed after bypassing your browser security settings.
  10. Gaming websites are the most notorious for installing spyware and viruses. Avoid gaming sites which require you to download and install certain programs for the exchange of some info.
There you have it.  My top 10 ways to avoid a computer virus.
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    Thanks for this info CJ! Very informative and interesting. I will follow your tips for the future.


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