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What is MDM and Why Do You Need It?

MDM, or mobile device management, has been developed out of the need for some type of software to control all of one’s mobile devices from one centralized server.

These mobile devices include IPads, IPhones and Android phones, Kindle’s and other tablets to name a few. With the recent surge in popularity these types of  ”residential based” devices are making their way into corporate America.

Companies are spending millions of dollars and betting that tablets are not going anywhere soon. With the sudden explosion of mobile devices in our everyday lives, as well as in the corporate world, there has arisen a small problem—managing these complex little devices.

This is where MDM comes in.  This MDM software is installed on a centralized server and gives the IT Professional the ability to see and control all of their mobile devices. Some control abilities include deploying apps on a large scale, tracking the locations of devices on or off your network, or even disabling the camera on a particular device.

Some may ask, why use MDM? Well if you are deploying 5000 IPADS and you need to push out a certain app to all of them it would be very time consuming to login to the Apple store and download the app to each one.  Using an MDM solution such as Casper, Good, or Absolute you can easily push an app to one or all of your mobile devices with a few simple mouse clicks.

You can assign specific apps to different groups in your organization as well.  You can even remote wipe the machine if it possibly contains sensitive information and happens to fall into the wrong hands.

What MDM does is put a lot of power and control into the hands of a Mobile Device Administrator. It allows for a flexibility and scalability when deploying tablets across a large geographic area. It also allows for schools who are interested in deploying IPads or Android tablets to have total control over the student’s experience with their device.  

As far as CJ Computer Services is concerned, tablets are not going anywhere.  Furthermore, MDM software will become increasingly more prevalent as mobile devices saturate not only every aspect of our daily lives, but also penetrate deeper into the corporate IT world as well.

Be very careful when choosing your MDM solution. Some cater to particular platforms like Jamfsoft’s Casper which can only control MAC and IOS devices. Other MDM platforms are made specifically for Android devices so make sure you check with your vendors first.

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