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Amazon Fire TV offers Voice Search Powered Streaming Set-Top Box WAR!!

Amazon Inc. announced that it will release a consumer set-top box, which will compete with Google Inc.’s Chromecast and Apple Inc.’s Apple TV, at an event in New York on Wednesday.

Amazon Fire TV will be released today and sold in the company’s online marketplace for $99, the same price as Apple TV. The company (NASDAQ:AMZN) said the Fire TV will allow consumers to from the company’s proprietary Web services, ESP and Hulu, and it will have a microphone for hands-free voice search. read more

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Google Doc Phishing Scam: Stealing Gmail Account Login Information

A con using a fake Google Drive login page is duping users into giving away their username and passwords. The fake Google Drive page comes as a “like” in an email with the subject “Documents,” and urges the recipient to view an important Google Doc. The link takes users to a very realistic-looking page that is actually hosted on Google’s servers and protected by SSL to appear even more convincing. read more

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Google enters the world of wearables with Android Wear

On Tuesday, Google announced Android Wear, its effort to take the operating system beyond the phone and tablet and into the brave new world of wearables. The effort is starting with watches, though Google suggested it sees a broader role for Android. Earlier this year the company also detailed an effort to get Android into cars. Android Wear devices will include fitness tracking options, voice control and the ability to get notifications, among other features. Google said it is working with several existing Android device makers with the first watches due out later this year.

It also is releasing a “developer preview” of the watch software so app makers can get ready.

Introducing Android Wear Developer Preview

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Is Hoverboard Real? HUVr Tech Claims Live Demonstration Of ‘Back To The Future’ Flying Skateboard

A company known as HUVr released a video purporting to be a “completely real” demonstration of celebrities — including Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrelle Owens, Schoolboy Q, and Agnes Bruckner — riding HUVr Boards around downtown Los Angeles. The video shoots straight to the nostalgic fan in all of us with a DeLorean and an introduction by Christopher Lloyd. One of the HUVr Boards is even modeled after the bright pink  hover-board that Marty McFly rides around in the movie.


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Roku Launches a $49 Streaming Stick, Takes Aim at Chromecast

Google Chromecast, you’re not the only stick in town. Roku announced the Roku Streaming Stick on Tuesday, which manages to pack nearly all the functionality of a full-size Roku box into a device not much bigger than an USB flash drive. It’s actually a new version of Roku’s old MHL-based Streaming Stick, but there are two major differences: it now works with any TV that has an HDMI input, and it’s half the price, at just $49. The Streaming Sticks sports Roku’s signature purple color and it’s designed to connect directly into a spare HDMI port on your TV. It’s just a little over three inches long and there’s not much else to the device, save for the HDMI connector, a micro-USB port, an indicator light, and a tiny button to reset the stick. The micro-USB port lets you power the device, by connecting it to a USB port on TV (if it has one) or using the included power adapter.

Roku Streaming Stick: smart TV's future?

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Five Steps to Prepare for a DDoS Attack

More and more people are realizing that, in today’s cyber climate, it’s a matter of when, not if when it comes to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The most common question I get asked is “What can I do to prepare?” I like to break it down into five key steps that enterprises can take now to be prepared for a future attack:


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Microsoft OneDrive is finally here

SkyDrive has now officially been renamed to OneDrive by Microsoft.  Now, if you head over to www.skydrive.com, you’ll find that the service is now officially called OneDrive, complete with a revamped homepage, login fields, and more.

Just by signing up for OneDrive, you get 7GB of free storage automatically. (Microsoft originally offered 25GB free for SkyDrive users, but reduced the amount to 7GB in 2012 – so this freebee isn’t really anything new.) On top of that, for every person you successfully refer to OneDrive, you get an additional 500MB of cloud storage. You can refer up to 10 people. Do so, and you get an extra 5GB of free storage on top of the 7GB that’s automatically granted to you. Using the new camera backup feature allots you an additional 3GB as well. read more

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The Case for Analog in a Digital World

MindSwarms newest research study investigates the draw of analog products and items, despite a digital equivalent.

Next generation product developers and marketers must not forget the rich experiences people receive from their “old gen” product relationships. Although homes are filling with digital possessions, people still crave the touch, smell and immersive experience they get from their analog predecessor. read more

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Manage all your cloud storage using Winzip’s ZipShare

WinZip’s long been the go-to .zip file manager for many PC users, but no longer is it just a tool for freeing up some hard drive space. The desktop client embraced cloud storage around the same time it tip-toes into mobile, and now it has a new service based entirely on the web. ZipShare, currently in beta, is a portal for managing data you keep in the cloud on platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and others. Through the ZipShare site, files uploaded to cloud services are automatically compressed, and can be password protected. They can then be shared by means of an URL, which you can publish straight to social networks, and downloads of that file can subsequently be tracked. Being able to access all your files also means you can easily manage and move them between different storage providers. It’s not the best it can be on mobile devices just yet, but should be when it drops the beta tag within the next few months. Go check it out for yourself before that happens, though: all advanced features are currently free, but could cost up to $10 per month when the service launches for real.

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Mom on a mission to kickstart dyslexia app

Indianapolis – When Kris Parmelee’s son was diagnosed with dyslexia in first grade, her first response was denial. Then, fear. How could such a bright boy, who had learned to talk at such a young age, possibly be dyslexic?

In the years that followed, Kris tried many techniques and therapies, worked with committed teachers and joined support groups in an effort to cope with young Sam’s dyslexia. While Sam has made great strides, Kris still noticed a gap.

“Why were there not more assistive technology options for him to use in school?” she said. “Why couldn’t someone or something just help him read that one word on a worksheet or in a text that he couldn’t read himself?”

That’s when DCODIA was born. read more

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