At CJ Computer Services we are dedicated to providing quality mobile computer repair at all times.  Our rate for residential customers for on-site support is $50 per hour. Our commercial on-site support rate is $60 per hour. We offer lower and more competitive flat-rate pricing if we pickup the machine in question and work on it in our shop.  We do not charge for service call visits in the Raleigh or Durham area. A $15 trip surcharge will be assessed for service calls outside of the immediate area. No one does Computer Repair in Raleigh like CJ Computer Services!

Here is a brief list of some common services that we can perform and their prices

Please feel free to contact us for any other service that you may not see listed. We do it all folks and it is impossible to list it all here!

****Please note that these are rough estimates for pricing and normally an in person inspection is normally necessary to accurately make an estimate****

  1. Spyware/ Virus/ Malware removal- Most common service, $100 which includes full pc tuneup, installation of anti-virus software and system optimization software as well.
  2. Data Recovery – Flate rate $120 up to 50GB of data. Anything over 50 GB price will be increased. This service depends on a hard drive that is spinning and physically powering 0n.
  3. System Tune-Up-  $90, Just like you tune up your car, your computer is no different. You would be amazed how we can take your old machine and make it run like new again or maybe even a little faster.
  4. New computer setup with data migration- $120, We will setup your new machine, copy over all of your files, settings, favorites, outlook mail from your old machine and restore it to your new machine. We will include any other software you may need such as Office, antivirus, and system optimization software for FREE!!!
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