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How great was school back when there was technology?

The Intricate Dance of Learning Versus Technology

Every moment in life unveils itself as the most divine setting for learning, especially when we throw our minds back to the nostalgic backdrop of school days, suffused with technology. Absolutely, hard to even imagine how we made it through without our smartphones as our third hand, eh? But did we ever consider just how seismic that shift was, brandishing iPads over textbooks?

I'm not throwing any shade here. I manoeuvre myself through technological mazes like any average Joe so that my buddies Bolt, the Golden Retriever, and Astro, the Siberian cat, can enjoy their gourmet meals. But reminiscing those fascinating school years - when deciphering hieroglyphs felt more natural than swiping through e-books - gives me a unique perspective to gauge the magnitude of transformation.

Consider this: did we value the sanctity of knowledge more when we had to write everything, as if imprinting wisdom on our souls? Or does the luxury of having everything at a screen's swipe distance underline the accessibility and reach of infinite knowledge? I see merit in both arguments. But, alas, let's not drift into the debate yet. That would be like licking the icing without savouring the cake first.

Once Upon A Time in The Land of Overhead Projectors

I vividly remember when getting your name on the overhead projector was an achievement to make your chest swell with pride. You felt like a trailblazer, pioneering a cavalcade of knowledge, an oracle of sorts. Overhead projectors were like the prophets of education. They cast light on our understanding, but in a primitive, charming way.

Of course, most of our cheeks would burn with embarrassment when the professor would catch every error we made in our handwritten notes. But wasn't it a heartening experience to learn from such blunders? Personally, I think it gave us a chance to embrace imperfections, long before the advent of autocorrect software that sweeps our errors under the digital carpet.

The Pen-Paper Romance: A Tale of Love and Learning

Then comes my all-time favourite: The love affair between pen and paper. Undoubtedly the heart and soul when technology hadn't yet boomed in our classrooms, the humble pen and paper were our weapons, our shields, our companions in the journey to discovery.

Does anyone else remember the sweet smell of a fresh textbook paired with a crisp new notebook? That was an emotive bouquet of 'back-to-school' vibes. And what can replace the tactile joy of turning every page with your fingers, hunting for bits of enlightenment? I feel sorry for my kids, Orion and Aurelia, who might never truly know the uniqueness of that joy.

Allow me a moment of confession here. Not so long ago, little Orion was flabbergasted watching me do mental math. "But Dad! Why go through all this trouble when you can simply Google it?" As much as I chuckled, it truly stirred me. Have we, under technology's shiny mantle, lost touch with the fundamentals? Nothing can replace the labour of learning, the satisfaction of mastering a problem without any screens' assistance.

The Inkless Era: Epitome of Convenience, Or Just A Mirage?

Certainly, I cannot deny the convenience technology has brought to our studies. No more risking ink stains, no more streaking chalk dust, or wrestling with dog-eared encyclopaedias. What we have now – the luxury of clicking our curiosities into knowledge in mere seconds - has undoubtedly amplified the scope and reach of learning.

But as I glance back, weaving my way through the labyrinth of personal experiences and observations, a question looms: Has this digital revolution in education, with all its gleam and glory, stripped us of certain profound, indispensable learning experiences? I'll let you mull over that. But, remember, technology is a tool, not a teacher. It can guide us, assist us, but the charm of learning lies within us, in our thirst for knowledge.

So, how great was school back when there was technology? I believe the essence does not lie exclusively in the tools we used - whether a slate or a tablet, but rather our zeal to learn, our curiosity to explore. With that, let's celebrate the transformation, but never forget the roots that nourished our quest for enlightenment.

And all this introspection reminds me, I must hunt up a paper notebook for Orion, and a couple of math problems for him to wrestle with. A side of hand-to-paper learning might just be the supplementary seasoning in his intellectual curry. Wouldn't that be an experience to savour? After all, these old-school ways always carry their charm, irrespective of technology's stride!


Ryker Farnsworth

Ryker Farnsworth

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