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What is MDM and Why Do You Need It?

MDM, or mobile device management, has been developed out of the need for some type of software to control all of one’s mobile devices from one centralized server.

These mobile devices include IPads, IPhones and Android phones, Kindle’s and other tablets to name a few. With the recent surge in popularity these types of  ”residential based” devices are making their way into corporate America.

Companies are spending millions of dollars and betting that tablets are not going anywhere soon. With the sudden explosion of mobile devices in our everyday lives, as well as in the corporate world, there has arisen a small problem—managing these complex little devices.

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Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Computer Virus

A computer virus is actually an acronym for “vital information and resources under sustention.”  Computer viruses are designed to infect and damage your computer files and then the affect the operating system.

Similar to biological viruses they tend to spread from one computer to another and infect the programs, files and operating systems. They tend to multiply and then spread out from one kind of file to another file and pass on from one computer to another if they are interconnected.

A computer virus is designed to piggyback on some other kinds of harmless files, programs or documents.  Once they gain access to your PC they execute themselves  and infect it.  Suppose you download some file from the net and run the file.  Working mechanism of the piggyback virus will be automatically trigerred and it starts working rapidly. They have the potential to erase all your data or damage the operating system.

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