Computer Tips and Tricks – How to Backup Your Data


Computer Tips and Tricks – How to Backup Your Data–

You can lose important computer data for a number of reasons including a hard drive crash, malware on your computer or a stolen laptop. Losing data is frustrating, but it’s also avoidable if you backup all your data. An unforeseen disaster can occur at any time, so for peace of mind backup your data using one or more of the methods below.


Computer Tips and Tricks for Backing Up Data

Burn a DVD or CD

One simple method for backing up files is to save copies on a DVD or CD. This is a good choice if you have only a few important files you don’t want to lose. Although manual updating is easy to do, you also have to remember to backup the files every time you make changes to them. If you use CDs, you also have to worry about future devices not having CD capabilities.

Copy to Flash Drive

Another option is to use thumb drives or flash drives to make copies of all documents and files you can’t do without. These USB flash drives are small, and portable, but they are also easy to lose. By using a USB port on your computer, you can quickly backup your documents. Many flash drives now have 16 or 32 GB of storage so you don’t have to worry about running out of space. Use External Hard Drive

An external hard drive connects to one computer. It’s a portable device that is wired or wireless depending on the type of external hard drive you buy. A more reliable option is solid state drives, but these are expensive compared to standard external hard drives. If you use software with your hard drive, you can schedule daily automatic backups.

Use Online Backup ServicesThere are both free and fee-based online backup services online. Having your data on the cloud is convenient, but risks include the company you use closing its doors. If you have lots of data to store, the services can get pricey. The free versions usually offer limited storage.

With several backup methods in place, you never again have to worry about permanently losing data. Data backup lets you copy, save, retrieve, and recover all your important videos, photos, music downloads, documents, records, and files. If your computer is having problems with lost or corrupted documents, or other issues that you can’t fix, you should contact an expert in computer repair in Wake Forest, Raleigh or Durham.

Creating a Virtual Presence using Social Networking Sites



Creating a Virtual Presence using Social Networking Sites

Creating a Virtual Presence using Social Networking Sites-

The world is split into two diverse types thanks to technology. There is the physical world and then there is also the virtual world. As part of the virtual world, many computer and smart phone users create a virtual presence on various social networking sites.

There are some basics that social network newbies and veterans need to understand. These tips can be applied to professional, personal, and even business accounts.

  • Protect yourself. Honesty is the best policy, but use common sense. Limit the amount of information posted to personal pages. When creating a page for a business make sure that information is accurate.
  • Use creativity. Sites such as Facebook and Pinterest are designed to allow for creativity.
  • Keep in mind that people of all ages use these sites. Create a virtual presence that is as acceptable to teenagers as it is to older family members. When creating a virtual business presence ensure that all pictures and information posted is welcoming to your entire target audience.
  • Limit the use of automatic posting tools. Understand the guidelines that come with these special programs so that you do not run into any issues. Try to avoid using these tools on personal profiles.
  • Create professional profiles using LinkedIn and Google+ to attract potential business. These profiles should resemble a small version of your resume. Remember you want to stand out above the crowd, but you need to be honest.

Please contact us for more information on creating a virtual presence on social networking sites.


4 Simple Tips for Small Business Wireless Security

4 Simple Tips for Small Business Wireless Security

It is an unfortunate fact that many businesses do not take wireless security, or digital security in general, as serious as they should. It is a credible threat to any business and can have lasting effects on your company should an invasion take place. Luckily, there are some very basic steps that any small business can take to improve their wireless security and ensure that no unwanted breaches take place.

1. Make Use of the Security Options

There are a number of security options available with any router that can be enabled to improve the security of your wireless network. The first and most important security option is choosing the right security protocol. All new routers allow you to use WEP, WPA or WPA2 security protocols, each with their own set of benefits. Additionally, these protocols have “Personal” and “Enterprise” options available on most routers, with the Enterprise protocols offering higher levels of security, suitable for businesses.

2. Enable WPA-Personal Security

For businesses that have Wi-Fi networks that are only secured with WEP or have no wireless security in place, the best first step is to enable WPA-Personal security. When you enable WPA-Personal, you will be prompted to create a passphrase for the router and additional access points. This can be done by typing in your IP address to access the router and going to the “Security” settings page.

3. Separate Wi-Fi for Non-Employees and Guests

Although it seems like common knowledge, many businesses do not have a separate Wi-Fi enabled for guests. You should never allow an unfamiliar person to access your private Wi-Fi network. Instead, providing a guest wi-fi network with additonal security measures in place will help to keep your network safe.

4. Train Employees on Best Practices

One of the most common ways for an unwanted party to enter your network without permission is with the help of an employee who doesn’t fully understand how harmful this access can be. Make sure your employees are trained to never hand out the Wi-Fi password to unknown parties and know the best practices for keeping your network safe.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could benefit form increased network security, please contact us today to receive your initial consultation.365 × 242

CJ’s Free Computer Tips and Tricks


CJ’s Free Computer Tips and Tricks-


When you start to notice performance issues with your computer, you may want to consider using free software for a quick tune-up of your PC. There are many tools that can be used to run diagnostics, virus removal, cleanup and computer performance enhancements. These tools are free to use and accomplish many of the things that software companies often charge for. Rather than spending money on advanced tools, save your money for computer repairs such as hardware replacements and upgrades. This will benefit your PC far more significantly.

CCleaner for Cleaning your PC

CCleaner has been the best cleaning tool for PC optimization since it was launched. It is a powerful tool that can make your computer considerably faster by removed unused files and settings that are taking up hard drive space. These files and settings can make it harder for your hard drive to locate things, thus making the computer slower. Additionally, the software even deletes browser cookies and history resulting in safer internet usage. By using CCleaner, you will experienced fewer crashes and errors and quicker startup. The tool even fixes registry errors and allows you to adjust which programs are set to run during startup. Turning off programs that are slowing down your computer will improve performance.


Piriform is a god of a company and after CCleaner they released a second free tool known as Defraggler. It is designed to work with HDD and SSD hard drives and supports common file types like NTFS and FAT32. The software defragments your hard drive, realigning data and files so that the hard drive read/write head can locate your files quicker. This results in a faster computer and better performance. The software assembles fragmented files and organizes them, clearing up free space and optimizing your computer.


This is a unique tool developed by the same company, designed to evaluate your computer’s hardware. It allows you to see exactly what is inside your PC and take a look at the OS, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, storage and various other components. It also provides temperatures for each individual component, which makes it great for inspecting potential issues caused by overheating.

AVG Anti-Virus

AVG developed the most popular free anti-virus program. For simple virus scans and automated detection of potential incoming viruses, it is the best tool available. AVG anti-virus has all the features you need including computer, web, identity and email protection.

The free software you will find here outdoes most computer tips and tricks and will help your PC run at an optimal level. Computer repair is available in Raleigh, Wake Forest and Durham if needed. If you have questions on PC repair in North Carolina, please contact us.

Computer Hacking: Signs to Watch Out For and Tips to Protect Your System.


Computer Hacking: Signs to Watch Out For and Tips to Protect Your System

When it comes to the security and performance of one’s computer there is at least one item that everyone wants protected from malicious outside influences. Their personal information. In today’s society, hackers are more clever in their computer hacking techniques. What should you watch out for? What can you do to keep your personal information protected? Today, we have detailed a few of the common signs your system may be compromised as well as solutions, fixes and some ways to prevent your system from being hacked while protecting your personal vital information.

There are several signs that can signify your computer’s security system is compromised along with several techniques, tips and tricks you can use to fix your system if it has been compromised and to protect and prevent your system from getting hacked.

  1. False/Fake Anti Virus Warnings and Scans: A common technique used by hackers to get into a computer system is using that system’s own antivirus program against it by flashing a false message to trick you into initiating a system scan that is truly a false scan which in turn “discovers” a ridiculous amount of viruses on your system. They provide a link “offering” help, tricking you into a scam while accumulating your personal information. When it comes to this technique there are two points to hit on here. The first is “know” your antivirus software. If you know it, you’ll notice the difference in the software’s usual warnings versus the false warning and that should send the alarm bells ringing. The second is that it is always best to hit the power button and turn your computer completely off. Give it a reboot via Safe Mode that way you can then make good use of your true up-to-date antivirus software to destroy the malware.
  2.  Random and Fake Toolbars: Another common technique that hackers use to steal your personal information is an unwanted and bogus toolbar on your internet browser with a tidy little message telling you why you need another extra toolbar. This toolbar only makes it easier for the hacker or hackers to redirect your web browsing as well as cause those seemingly random pop-ups to appear. With this technique, simply run your antivirus software to scan and destroy the malware while removing the toolbar. Also, take the time to change all of your passwords.
  3. Strange Email Activity: The next common sign that your system may be compromised is your email contacts quite suddenly start receiving fake junk emails from your address. Once again, your antivirus program will be your best friend here, run it then take the time to check for any fake unwanted toolbars as this technique and the two listed above are sometimes implemented in tandem.
  4. Passwords Become Unsecured: The final sign we will address in this post has to do with your passwords. There are several different scams that can trick you via emails or email links and the next thing you know, your passwords are all different but you didn’t change them. Be highly vigilant in this regard. Unless you are specifically “resetting” your password for a site, you will likely not be receiving an email requesting you to change your password. If by some set of strange circumstances your password and the corresponding account does become compromised, change the passwords, alert your contacts. There are services that will allow one of your email contacts to help you get your account back under your control.

These are just a few of the common techniques hackers use to compromise computer systems but the best way to keep your systems safe is by remaining vigilant while on the world-wide web. If your computer or laptop ends up seriously compromised and the above list doesn’t help you much, then contact us or, if you’re in the North Carolina area then bring your device in to one of our three sites: Computer Repair Wake Forest, Computer Repair Durham or Computer Repair Raleigh.

CJ Computer’s Budget Hardware Upgrades

CJ Computer’s Budget Hardware Upgrades
Computer Tips and Tricks

When you computer is old, and getting slower, computer tips and tricks include upgrading components rather than paying for a new computer. This is a great option is you don’t have the money to purchase a new computer system. Upgrading g one or two hardware components is a cost-effective way to improve the performance of your computer. Many people can do the upgrades themselves, but if you don’t feel you’re tech savvy enough for such a project, then you can hire a computer repair expert in Raleigh to help you out.

More RAM

The random access memory (RAM) is where information and data such as the operating system and applications are stored so they can be access quickly. If you want a faster computer you can add more RAM to your system. You can upgrade to 4 gigabytes, 6 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes of RAM. If you upload a lot of videos or images, play online games, and multitask, then you need a larger amount RAM. RAM is one of the easiest components to upgrade.

More Hard Drive Space

By upgrading your hard drive you have more storage space. Hard drives are now available with 100s of gigabytes or several terabytes of space. Not only does more storage result in a faster computer, but data retrieval is also faster. When choosing a hard drive, you must make certain it’s compatible with your current computer system. Also, you have to decide whether to replace your old hard drive entirely. or just add the new internal hard drive to your system. If you plan to install a new hard drive, there are software programs available to copy files from the old hard drive to your new hard drive.

New Processor

Another way to improve performance is to upgrade your processor or central processing unit (CPU). You have a couple of options here. You can get a faster version of the processor you already have or you can choose to buy a processor with more cores. Although many people can replace their RAM or hard drive, replacing the CPU is not a DIY project. It’s a complicated process that takes time to learn and is best left to computer experts. Getting a new CPU is not necessary to get faster computer, but it is an option.

Based on how much money you have to spend, you can get more RAM and/or a new hard drive and see a dramatic improvement in your computer. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, then consider getting a new processor. For information and help on installing new hardware on your computer, contact us for computer repairs in Wake Forest, Raleigh or Durham.

CJ Computers Recommends Windows New Free OS


CJ Computers Recommends Windows New Free OS

Arguably the world’s most popular operating system received an update by Microsoft. Even if upgrading to Windows 10 goes as smoothly as its manufacturer touts, the process entails time, some effort, and can be inconvenient, especially if you need to upgrade several devices during the workday. So you’re wondering if the effort is worth the benefit.

Entire books have been written on the advantages of the new OS. But as a quick list of the pluses you get speedier performance, particularly with starting up; Cortana, which lets you converse with your desktop or laptop; the return of a more robust start menu that combines text and tiles; and security improvements. The new OS even sports the Edge browser, which is faster and more efficient than Internet Explorer and complies with Web standards.

If you’re running a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or 8, you can claim a free upgrade to Windows 10 but only until July 2016. After that, costs vary, depending on what version you get. As with any new release, the operating system will be continually updated, which should happen automatically if you accept the default settings. Multiple tutorials on getting started after the upgrade are available on the Internet if you Google Search “Windows 10 tutorials.”

Needless to say, we are recommending that you switch to Windows 10. If you have questions about the process or want us to help you with the upgrade, please contact us. We want to be your source for computer repair and upgrades in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Durham, NC.

How To Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

How To Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

We can’t tell you how many times we get a phone call from a customer that start with ” My child was surfing the web on my laptop last night and now its ……”  You can easily complete the rest of this sentence. The internet is already filled with perils and threats for adults so when it comes to our children we have to be super careful as to what sites they access. At CJ Computer Services we care about you and the safety of your children and we are here to help and be a constant source of knowledge for you.

Threats on the Net-

We already know about spyware, malware and viruses that wreak havoc on our primarily windows based computer each and every day. It is a constant struggle to keep our computers free from these malicious programs. When our children surf the web they are attracted to the online gaming sites which are notorious for bloating our computers with extra software and most of the time malware. We recommend dedicating a specific computer for your child’s web surfing so it does not interfere with your daily computing activities. We tell our customers to educate their children and keep a watchful eye out for what they are downloading and the types of sites they are visiting.  There are many programs either free or pay versions that will restrict the types of sites your children will go to and will therefore reduce the risk of infection.

What Can I Do As Their Parent?

Plenty! Being observant and involved in their computing experience is #1. Do not put the computer in their rooms if possible. Put it in a public place and let them know they are being monitored. Now if you have access to your wireless router you can easily enable parental filtering that will block certain websites from each and every device they use in your home. The main thing to keep in mind, disable their cell connection in the home to force them to go through the wi-fi and the filtering. Kids are smart and very adaptable so we have to stay on our toes. There are a host of free and paid software titles that can be installed on your child’s computer to keep them surfing down the “safe Path” on the web. Some of the notables are Net-Nanny and a great free option is K-9 Web Protection. It will even bark nice and loud when your child goes somewhere they should not go to alert you. The key point here is it blocks your child from reaching a harmful site.

We are here for you to help you with any and all of your computer and technology related needs. If you have any questions on how to keep your child safe on the internet do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are proudly serving Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, and Durham NC.


Upgrading to Windows 10- Beware of Your Office Installs!



Thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 soon?

As Many of you are getting messages to download Windows 10 for “free” lately we want you to know the possible perils that may occur. Overall we feel Windows 10 is a great operating system with many new features but our customers deserve to be informed.

Considerations before upgrading to Windows 10

Hardware Compatibility-

The first major concern when  Upgrading your operating system would be your computer’s hardware and software compatibility. Your computer has an existing hardware and software signature that is compatible with its current OS and changing that can cause certain programs you use to not work or certain hardware you have to not function correctly or not at all. We recommend checking with your current hardware manufacturers for updated drivers that are compatible with Windows 10. The major hardware you would be concerned with would be scanners, printers, digital cameras, etc. If they are not compatible it may force you to have to upgrade your hardware and will add an associated cost with this “free” upgrade.

Software Compatibility-

The second concern with your Windows 10 upgrade would be your software compatibility. Many software titles you are currently running on your Windows 7/8 machines are not yet compatible with Windows 10. We suggest that you reach out to your software manufacturers to confirm the status of compatibility. Many times they will provide sofware updates free of charge when new operating systems are released. It really depends on the sofware manufacturer whether you will need to purchase a new version of the software.

Office 2013 Compatibility-

We have recently noticed a major software incompatibility with Office 2013 Pro and upgrading to Windows 10. Upon upgrading a machine that has a pre-existing install of Office 2013 can render that software deactivated. It may require the user to have to re-purchase a new license for Office to re-install. We are proud to be there for you in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary and Durham for all of your Computer Service needs. If you need help please feel free to contact us.








Computer Tips and Tricks – Make Your Computer Run Faster

Computer Repair Tips and Tricks- How To Maintain your PC


At some point, nearly everyone complains about a slow running computer. There are many reasons for this, but before you call a computer repairs expert in Wake Forest, try a few of the below computer tips and tricks to get your computer running faster.

1. Clear Temporary Files, Browsing History and Cookies

One of the first things to do is also the easiest. Every task you perform on your computer creates a file that clutters up your hard drive. Cleaning out your temporary files, browsing history, and cookies clears up a lot of space so your computer runs faster.

2. Scan Computer for Viruses and Malware

Viruses, malware, and spyware can overtake your computer and cause it to run slower. Anti-malware software is essential for the protection of all computers and laptops. Although real-time protection is important, you can also do periodic full system scans to find and remove any malware.

3. Use Disk Cleanup

Windows provides a built-in tool to help you declutter your hard drive. It’s a program listed under system tools that you can easily use to clean up program installers, caches, and other files you no longer need.

4. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Every computer has several programs pre-installed on the system that you probably aren’t aware of. In most cases you don’t need or rarely use these applications, but some are still running in the background. Find the list of programs installed on your computer and remove those that you don’t need or want.

5. Defrag Computer

Another way to get faster speed is by reconfiguring your hard drive so that it stores information more efficiently. This sounds complicated, but you can use the tool listed under “My Computer” to defragment your system.

If you don’t get noticeable improvement after performing some or all of these tips, then you might need to have your computer repaired. For more information on ways to get your computer to run faster, talk to a computer expert. Contact today for mobile computer repair in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Durham.