A Smartwatch Without A Smartphone?

With most smartwatches, you need a smartphone to coincide. Without the smartphone, the smartwatch has no life. You can’t even activate the watch without it. Samsung  changes that. How would you like a smartwatch without a smartphone?

That’s where Samsung Gear S3 comes in. The Gear S3 Classic is meant for the office worker, indoor lover, and urban professional. The Gear S3  Frontier is meant for outdoor lovers, laborers, and for those in rural settings. Both Gear S3 watches are larger than the S2. Because some customers are turned off by large watches, Samsung continues to support and promote Gear S2. Here is where you can give your smartphone a rest: The Gear S3 Frontier has 4G LTD connectivity. This allows you to conduct a smartwatch without a smartphone. This means you can take phone calls, and send/receive text messages. You can stream music, particularly from Spotify. That’s just with Frontier. Gear S3 will only work with WiFi and Bluetooth.

Both have great waterproof and weather proof features. Both will go underwater for 30 minutes (as long as it’s shallow water). It can endure extreme cold and heat. What’s a smartwatch without apps? Gear S3 has you covered. They claim to have ESPN, Yelp, Uber, and CNN on this watch. Battery life is supposed to go three days per charge. That’s going to be a huge selling point. Speaking of selling, we don’t know the cost yet. They’d better find out the cost because it’s expected to be released in Q4 2016.

Other than the mysterious cost, Samsung Gear S3 sounds like a good buy. We’re just going to assume it’s not too expensive. But this smartwatch can blow Apple’s iWatch out of the water. You get long battery life. You don’t need your smartphone. They’re two kinds of S3 to appeal to all people. They’re releasing it just in time for the Christmas shopping season. It can go in all types of weather. Those of us in New England, we know how important that is. This sounds like the dream smartwatch. Did I mention you don’t need a smartwtach for it? How much would you pay for a smartwatch without a smartphone?

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