Holiday Buying Guide: Smart Phones and Gadgets

Holiday Buying Guide: Smart Phones and Gadgets

One of the hottest technology gadgets, the Samsung Gear VR powered by Occulus, creates a virtual reality at your fingertips.



While Black Friday is officially in the books, the holiday buying season has just started. One of the hottest big-ticket items for the 2015 holiday season are smart phones and smart phone accessories. If you happen to have a technology fiend in your life, you can score big points by pinning down the perfect tech gift, but these gadgets are a personal thing, and are rather expensive. We’ve gathered a few tips that will help you sniff out the perfect gadget gift for the one you love.

Know their Operating System Preferences

Cell phones, particularly smart phones, are a highly personal item. Everyone has their own preference, and fence-jumping isn’t a particular common thing. That is to say, users who like the iPhone will have a hard time jumping ship for an Android device and vice versa. If your loved one is already a cell phone aficionado, then you’ll want to pick up a new device that utilizes the same operating system they are already using.

Each operating system has strengths and weaknesses of its own, but both Android and iOS offer solid builds with few bugs. Both operating systems have solid app stores, brand-specific features, and solid workability. The difference between the two comes down to preference, honestly. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is picking up steam as a potential front-runner, but the OS is a little weird for most users. If your loved one has their eyes set on a Window’s device go with that option, but if they’ve never mentioned their love of the quirky interface, it is best to steer clear.

Keep Their Lifestyle in Mind

iPhone or Android, it doesn’t really matter if you haven’t consider the lifestyle of the user. Each phone, regardless of its operating system, has features that appeal to some markets, but are unattractive to others. For example, LG offers a curved phone that some people adore, but others find highly uncomfortable when slid into the pocket of jeans or trousers. The iPhone 6S is a great device, but its lack of waterproofing means it can die a painful death when placed into the hands of a very active user.

Active users will likely have the best experience with one of the Android phone’s from Samsung’s active line. These devices repel water, dirt and debris in a myriad of different ways. A case adds further protection for the phone. The active line offers workhorse phones for those who want a smart phone but need something a bit sturdier.

On the other hand, business types will likely fall in love with the productivity apps that are available for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+. The large size of the 6S+ is best suited for those who plan on using their phone a great deal for productivity purposes. The additional safeguards and apps available through the iOS makes the iPhone the best option for the business-minded user.

What about Accessories?

If you have a tech-lover in your life, odds are great that they already have a handset they love. If this is the case, you are better off adding a cool accessory to their arsenal than trying to replace a beloved handset. Cases, smart watches and charging devices are all solid gift options.

The Apple Watch is one of the hottest gifts of this holiday season, and with good reason. The watch allows users to connect their phone to a simple wrist-watch for additional convenience. It is a solid option for those who are constantly on the go, but also want to stay connected. Android-based phones also have watch options. The Samsung line of smart watches are popular with android-phone users.

Cases and charging ports are another great option for tech fiends who already have the handset of their dreams. Consider adding a wireless charging mat to your loved one’s stocking this year. You can add an Otterbox case to the stocking of an overly active smart phone user to help them further protect their investment.


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