Six of the Best New Technology Gadgets

Six of the Best New Technology Gadgets

If you’re buying gifts for a tech lover this holiday season, follow these tips to find the perfect present.


Evaluating the various types of new technology gadgets is difficult. Fortunately we’ve got a list to help, as we identify our six favorites.

  • Ring Connected DoorBell Camera: Have you ever wondered why no one ever invented a better peephole for your front door? Well, now someone has. The Ring Video Doorbell belongs to the family of security cameras but you will consider it a smart doorbell for your  smart home. With wide-angle video, night vision capability, and a motion detector, Ring’s internet-connected app alerts your cell phone when someone rings your doorbell and then streams video of who is at the door. The innovative doorbell security camera can also record and alert you that someone has walked by your door even if they do not ring the bell. The Ring Doorbell also records all the video it streams in a cloud-based system that you can retrieve and playback at any time.
  • Automatic Connected Car Adapter: This little device can open up your car’s on-board computer to send you data on your car’s fuel efficiency, your engine, your car’s location, and your driving habits (like jack rabbit starts or slamming on the brakes). The Automatic Connected Car Adapter does all this by plugging into your car’s diagnostics port and reading the data stored there. Worried about hackers? At this point, all the device can order your car to do is reset the check engine light.
  • Parrot Bebop 2 Drone: This drone airplane is lightweight (just over one pound) and gives 25 minutes of flying time. The drone takes full HD videos from a 14-megapixel fish-eye camera and stabilizer. The fun part is that you pilot this plane from your smartphone or tablet. The system is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The images display on your tablet or phone and you are able to change camera angles by swiping your finger. The device holds 8GB of recorded images which you can transfer at your leisure to your mobile devices like your computer, tablet or phone. There are four engines attached to four 3-blade propellers that can reach speeds of 37mph horizontally and 13mph vertically. The device resists headwinds up to 39mph and reaches altitude of 328 feet in less than 20 seconds. The system has 7 sensors to gather flight data, including a gyroscope, and a GPS which helps measure speed. Landing is ultra simple. Just push the “landing” button and the plane lands by itself from any altitude.
  • Lulzbot 3D Printer: Built by Aleph Objects, this open source 3D printer can use many types of filaments and software applications. With an open design, it is easy to service and clean. It is the next generation of 3D printer.
  • Google OnHub Router:Google partnered with IT-Link to create a smart router. To start, this router looks nicer than your average home router so it sits comfortably out in the open to provide better conductivity. It also provides the latest Wi-FI technology and is easily accessible from any app. But the kicker is that this smart hub has antennas covering 360 degrees. It is capable of acting as traffic cop, prioritizing all the traffic to the internet from all the smart devices in your home. Google’s OnHub has cloud-connected management, upgraded trouble-shooting and is compatible with iOS and Android systems.
  • Samsung Gear VR Powered by Occulus: This is Virtual Realty at your fingertips. Just plug your phone into the Samsung Gear VR device and enjoy dozens of games. You can also watch Netflix and Hulu and Occulus Video. This version is lighter than the predecessor and has an improved touch pad.

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