How to Get More Speed from Your PC Right Now



How to Get More Speed from Your PC Right Now


When you first get a new computer, you can count on it to be lightning-fast, ready to do what needs to be done in a split second. As time passes, however, you’ll find that your computer is beginning to slow down slightly, giving you an unsatisfactory performance. Luckily, you don’t have to feel completely helpless–in fact, you can get more speed out of your computer this very minute! Here are three tips on how to get your PC running faster.


Close Resource-Hungry Programs


You might just be running programs in the background that eat up your computer’s resources! Whether they’re programs you opened and forgot, or they’re programs you never even knew were open, closing the offending programs provides a big speed boost for any computer. On Windows, open your task manager. This brings up the complete list of programs you have running. Here, you can click the “CPU,” “Memory” and “Disk” headers to reorder the lists. Doing this lets you see which programs are hogging your computer’s resources. In each list, select the unnecessary programs hogging your resources and click “End Task” to close them.


Get Rid of Programs You Don’t Actually Want


Some computer manufacturers have an unfortunate habit of saddling new computers with plenty of free trials, advertisements, random utilities, and plenty of other software that you don’t really need. Called “bloatware,” this software can sit uselessly on a new computer for years, taking up valuable hard drive space and slowing your entire experience down. If you haven’t taken the time to rid yourself of this needless bloatware, you can do so by simply opening your Programs and Features, selecting a program you don’t want, and clicking “uninstall.” Be careful not to uninstall any programs you actually need, though!


Perform a Disk Cleanup


Over time, your computer will create and store a surprising number of temporary files. These files are made to help certain web pages load faster, launch or load programs cleanly, or just facilitate some process a program needs to do. But while these files are necessary right when they’re created, they fall out of use quickly, and they can pile up to take a surprising amount of hard disk space. Your computer will slow down the closer to full your hard drive gets, so deleting these files periodically can be a good idea. To do so, use your taskbar to navigate to “Disc cleanup,” select which file types you’d like to get rid of, and select OK.


These are great immediate solutions for getting speed out of your PC, but for something more permanent, come see us. We’re professionals in computer repair in Wake Forest and the surrounding area, and we’d love to help you find the perfect way to speed up your PC.

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